Make it your own with Shared Ownership

With a range of property options across London and the South East, Shared Ownership gives you an opportunity to step onto the property ladder.

When you buy an L&Q Shared Ownership property, you’re surrounded by other homeowners that are just as invested in the local area as you are. Owning your own place lets you settle down and feel a part of your community, secure in the knowledge that your home is your own.

A place to call your own

Bringing style into your home

The creative freedom to alter your personal space is just one of the many perks of becoming a homeowner. First time buyer and interior design blogger, Sarah Akwisombe, knows this all too well and has shared some of her top tips on how to bring style into your home.

Decorating Tips

1. Cosy up that space

Soft furnishings are an easy and affordable way to personalise your space. The best part? It’s not permanent, so you can change and update your space to incorporate seasonal trends.

2. Botanical and beautiful

Bring outside in and make the space come alive. Using a mixture of big, medium and small plants, you can really jazz up the blank areas of a room.

3. Personalise, personalise, personalise

Alter everyday items and add your touch. To really enhance those plants, Sarah suggests modifying terracotta pots with a splash of paint.

4. Dinnerware worth talking about

Impress your guests with a dining experience like no other. Pick out unusual and interesting items that will be sure to have your guests talking long after the dinner party is over.

5. Elevate everyday items

Even everyday items can make a statement about your personal style. Sourcing a funky kettle or toaster is a great way to make simple and everyday tasks fun.

6. Curate your walls

Let your walls do the talking, with a gallery wall curated by yours truly. There’s no rules to go by and with all the creative freedom in the world, you can really experiment and have fun.

Helen bought a Shared Ownership flat with L&Q at Trafalgar Place, Elephant and Castle

“Owning a property has changed my life. Just having something that’s your own, buying your own pieces of furniture and making it feel like it’s your home is something that you just can’t really put a price on.”

Are you eligible?

Shared Ownership isn’t just for key workers. And it’s not just for families.

Shared Ownership is for anyone who doesn’t currently own a home. If you want to get on the property ladder, but can’t afford to buy outright on the open market, then Shared Ownership could be for you.

It doesn’t matter what your job is, but your income must be less than £90,000 within London and £80,000 outside of London.

From April 2016 previous rules around priority eligibility and borough restrictions have been changed. You’re no longer required to live or work in the area where you intend to buy, however there may be some exceptions to these rules where historic agreements have been made with local authorities about certain developments. You can find out who’s eligible to live in each development by checking the property listing. We will post the eligibility criteria for our properties as soon as we can, but sometimes this is unavailable until closer to the sales launch.

Priority will still be given to members of the military.

What next?

Start your home buying journey by applying for Shared Ownership
To find out more, take a look at our step-by-step guide to Shared Ownership