What are my options after I purchase a Shared Ownership home?

The latest instalment of the PricedIn campaign is here and it’s time to take a look at the Future.

This campaign addresses the common queries that people have around their future with Shared Ownership, including what their next steps are, how and when they can sell their property, and the process of buying further shares, also known as ‘staircasing’.

L&Q’s Shared Ownership scheme gives you plenty of options because, as your circumstances change, what was right for you when you first bought your home might no longer suit. PricedIn Future aims to reassure and educate people on what their options are once they have purchased a Shared Ownership home, helping buyers to make the right choices for themselves in the future.

Kim and Amrit, two of our Shared Ownership buyers, made the decision to staircase their property and now own their home outright: “Getting on the property ladder in London when you are 26 – it’s an achievement, but then by 29 actually owning the full property outright did feel like a huge achievement.”


For further information on Shared Ownership and what your options are after you buy, check out our PricedIn Future page.