Data from the Greater London Authority shows that, to date, Shared Ownership has helped over 52,000 Londoners onto the property ladder.

Despite the scheme’s growing popularity, L&Q, one of the capital’s largest providers of Shared Ownership homes, reports that it still receives daily enquiries regarding eligibility criteria, suggesting there remains a wide spread lack of understanding of affordable home-buy options.

Sachin Sony, who bought a Shared Ownership home with L&Q in 2015, comments: “It took us years to figure out that we were even eligible for Shared Ownership.  Had we known about it a lot earlier we’d have probably bought the property about 3 or 4 years back.”

To tackle this problem, L&Q has launched its latest campaign – PricedIn Learning

Hosted on the PricedIn website, the organisation’s pioneering complete guide to Shared Ownership, the new campaign offers an in-depth and un-biased look at the pros and cons of Shared Ownership, compared to the government’s Help-to-Buy schemes.

Independent Mortgage Advisor Helen Wyles explains some of the differences: “There are a lot of options now for first time buyers; the important thing is to make sure you choose the option that’s best for you. 

The government’s Help-to-Buy equity loan is great if you’ve got the funds to cover a 5% deposit and all the costs of buying a home – the loan is interest free for five years, but remember after that, you will have to pay a monthly charge on it, and it must be paid back within 25 years.”

Shared Ownership, on the other hand, allows buyers to purchase a share in a property, renting the rest at a subsided rate.  The deposit required can be as little as 5% of the value of the share of the property.

Helen continues, “Shared Ownership is a fantastic way to get onto the housing ladder, it means you can buy a home of a higher value than you would have on the open market, and the monthly payments are really achievable.”

Alice Turner, Property Marketing and Events Manager for L&Q, concludes: “With the recent announcement that over 175,000 more Londoners will qualify for the scheme when eligibility criteria is ‘relaxed’ from April, Shared Ownership is now more accessible than ever.  Our PricedIn Learning campaign aims to ensure that everyone has access to all the information they need to assess if Shared Ownership is right for them – allowing L&Q to help as many people get PricedIn as possible.”

For a complete guide to the differences between Shared Ownership and Help-to-Buy, or to view some of L&Q’s Shared Ownership schemes, visit